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    How can talent become the biggest source of growth for Europe?

    Julie Linn Teigland, EY EMEIA Area Managing Partner and EY Global Leader – Women. Fast forward. Member of the JA Europe Board

    European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has the ambition of building a Europe that is fit for the digital age. I am not only supportive of this ambition, I believe that to make it a reality, we need European talent that is fit for the digital age.

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    What can the EU show the world about creating long-term value?

    Alessandro Cendrello, EY Managing Partner for EU Institutions

    The European Union (EU) has a strong track record when it comes to creating long-term value for its citizens.

    As a project, the European Union seems to be losing its appeal – for both Member States and citizens. Despite the EU’s undoubted achievements in terms of living standards, human rights, quality of life and welfare, the project is under threat from a demanding and volatile world. This world is characterized by growing social inequality, rising populism, trade tensions and game-changing technological revolution. As a result, the EU needs to keep reinventing itself if it is to be resilient and future-proof its strategy in the face of changing global dynamics.

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    Entrepreneurship’s Triple Payoff: Job Creation, Work Skills, and Social Impact

    Caroline Jenner, CEO, JA Europe, and Asheesh Advani, CEO, JA Worldwide

    Entrepreneurial ventures not only create employment opportunities around the world, but also build the skills employers seek in their employees, and help tackle local and global social issues. For this reason, we believe that every young person—regardless of geographic location, educational attainment, gender, or age—deserves access to entrepreneurship education and the benefits it brings.

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    From entrepreneurial people to happy nation!

    Milena Stoycheva, CEO, JA Bulgaria

    We argue that today constructive entrepreneurship is the ability to create value for society and its members –It has already become a career choice preferred by many young people. Although it does include setting up and running one’s own business, entrepreneurship is much more than that.

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    The new approach in entrepreneurship education, a paradigm shift in the EU

    Ulla-Alexandra Mattl, Project Manager, Lifelong Learning Platform

    “I am almost 18 and I have no idea about taxes, rent or insurance. But, I can analyse a poem. In 4 languages.” This tweet by the 17-year-old Naina sparked a debate in 2015 about the relevance of what students are learning in the classroom. Today, this debate is more important than ever if students are to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the 21st Century.

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