Launch of the first European Entrepreneurship Education Monitor

09 July 2019

The Entrepreneurship Education Expert Network (EE-HUB) officially launched the Entrepreneurship Education Monitor at the occasion of the 2nd European Entrepreneurship Education Summit, which took place last week in Lille, on 4 and 5 July.
In the presence of European and national policymakers, business representatives, educators and students, the first ever monitor dedicated to tracking the uptake of entrepreneurship education was introduced.

The growing community of supporters of Entrepreneurship Education has called for more facts and figures on where we stand, research and reports on impact and case studies on successes, with a view to promoting and fostering greater uptake of the discipline across Europe. The Monitor will support the EE-HUB as it strives towards the goal that every young person should have at least one practical entrepreneurial experience before they leave school.
The Monitor will back this vision by:

  • Supporting peer learning
  • Showcasing good practice
  • Inspiring governments, businesses, teachers, volunteers
  • Calling attention to relevant research and reports 

Optimism about the uptake of Entrepreneurship Education in Europe

As part of the Monitor, a recent survey conducted by the EE-HUB amongst 300 experts from the business, education, NGOs and academic fields was presented. These experts were asked to qualify the state of play for Entrepreneurship Education in their respective countries.
Optimism is clearly noticeable: 77% of respondents said they feel their country has improved in implementing entrepreneurship education in their schools in the last 3 years.
More information about the survey is available on the Monitor. 

A “living co-working experiment” that requires input from all relevant stakeholders

Presenting the Monitor to the attendees of the Entrepreneurship Education Summit, Caroline Jenner, CEO of JA Europe, described the Monitor as “a living co-working experiment.” She called upon experts, policy-makers, educators, business representatives, researchers and young people to contribute to the Monitor and allowing the tool to remain up-to-date and relevant to all.
The Monitor is already available on the EE-HUB website:

Mindsets are positively changing in Europe

More than 200 participants attended the 2019 European Entrepreneurship Education Summit. The discussions included panel debates and interactive sessions on ways to accelerate Entrepreneurship Education in Europe, the role of business and education cooperating to reduce the skills mismatch and the making of entrepreneurial schools.

Amongst all the issues discussed, panelists highlighted that Europe was on the right path: not so long ago, the word “entrepreneurship” would still have a bad reputation and would be highly ideological.
Instead, politicians, educators, representatives of public investment banks and business stressed on the need to promote what entrepreneurs really are: people who dare to tackle the most pressing issues of our societies and find innovative solutions to solve today’s problems.

Celebrating Entrepreneurship Education and the successes of young Europeans

The Entrepreneurship Education Summit took place alongside the 30th Company of the Year Competition. This competition is the flagship event of JA Europe, Europe’s largest provider of education programmes for entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy.

In addition to discussing the latest data and trends on entrepreneurship education, the summit participants had the opportunity to discover the results of implementing such education programme amongst young students. Asked about their experience of going through the entrepreneurship education programme, the students all acknowledged the skills and competences acquired, including self-confidence, creativity, teamwork or public speaking, amongst others.

View EE Summit photo gallery HERE

About EE-HUB

Led by JA Europe and endorsed by the European Commission, the EE-HUB is a specialised international network bringing together European and national governments, businesses, NGOs, researchers and educators to collaborate and share knowledge. It is a unique source of expertise, experience and research, with the mission to increase the quantity, quality and impact of entrepreneurship education in Europe. Together with JA Europe, the EE-HUB advocates that every young person should have at least one practical entrepreneurial experience before they leave school.

About JA Europe

JA Europe is Europe’s largest provider of education programmes for entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy, reaching 4 million students in 41 countries in 2018. JA works with the education and business communities as well as governments to provide young people from primary school to university with experiences that build the skills and competences they will need to succeed in a global economy. JA Europe is the European Regional Operating Centre for JA Worldwide®. For more information, please visit:



Minna Melleri
Director EE-HUB


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