Peer learning

The EE-HUB will host the following peer-learning events in 2017


Specific Webinars (general registration):

  • 19 January:  Raising entrepreneurship skills - Good Practices from the European Chambers of Commerce creating a startup ecosystem (hosted by Eurochambres). More info here
  • 31 January:  Entrepreneurial skills for teachers - starting from the good practice ‘Teacherpreneur (hosted by EUproVET). More info here
  • 15 March: Entrepreneurial learning in practice (hosted by Seecel). More info here.
  • 21 March:  How work based learning prepares young people for the jobs of the future (hosted by JA Europe). More info here
  • 28 March: Moving financial education forward in Europe (hosted by Eurochambres). More info here
  • 26 April: Entrepreneural schools as entrepreneurial nests (hosted by Seecel). More info here
  • 04 May:  Cross border dimension of entrepreneurship education (hosted by Eurochambres). More info here
  • 09 May:  Investing in teachers to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in schools (hosted by JA Europe). More info here


High-level Roundtables (invitation only):

  • 16 January: JA Europe Round Table, Brussels, Belgium (hosted by JA Europe)
  • 1 June: EUproVET Round Table, The Netherlands (hosted by EUproVET)


European Entrepreneurship Education Summit

More info here

Past Events: more details about the past events here

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