SPECIFIC WEBINAR: Investing in teachers to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in schools

Tuesday, 12 June 2017 from 13:00-14:00 CET 


Teaching entrepreneurship is a modern and different way of teaching; it is about guiding students and not just giving answers. Teachers need support to make this change and that includes training, support from the school management, recognition, collaboration between teachers and with the community, etc. By highlighting good practices, this webinar will focus on key aspects teachers need support in to become more entrepreneurial in their teaching. 


Agenda and speakers

1. Introduction

2. Reflections on good practices that are delivering quantifiable impacts in entrepreneurship education:

  • Content and tools: a MOOC for teachers based on the EntreComp, by Tomislava Recheva, European Schoolnet
  • Whole-school approach: entrepreneurship education as part of the school’s strategy, by Camilla Rye Jørgensen, principal, Lyngby Gymnasium, TES Award 2016
  • Collaboration with business community, by Juergen Siebel, Head of International Business, Siemens Professional Education (TBC)

3. Discussion: What are the key elements/success factors to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in European schools?


Target group of the webinar:

The webinar is targeting teachers, headmasters, practitioners, educators from schools across Europe. 


Expected outcomes of the webinar: 

  • A greater awareness of the EE-HUB initiative 

  • An introduction to innovative tools to support teachers delivering entrepreneurship education

  • An understanding of the whole-school approach and the role of teachers in this context 

  • An understanding of the outcomes of working with the business community

  • Greater responsiveness to the need of investing in teachers to uptake EE in schools across Europe 

 Check out the webinar PowerPoint presentation HERE


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