SPECIFIC WEBINAR: Developing Specific National Strategies for Entrepreneurship Education

Thursday, 15 June 2017 from 13:00-13:45 CET 

Join the EE-HUB webinar and find out more about developing specific National Strategies for Entrepreneurship Education.



‘The development of a specific strategy focusing exclusively on entrepreneurship education offers a more coherent and comprehensive approach to supporting entrepreneurship education (Eurydice report, 2016). Specific National strategies are still concentrated in Northern Europe and the Western Balkan region. 

How to develop National strategies to boost entrepreneurship education? Why is it useful? What proved successful? 

This webinar will explore answers to these questions, bringing together panellists coming from countries where a National policy for entrepreneurship education is already in place and countries that have not implemented such policies yet.



Kalypso Apergi, Coordinator of In- Service Training Program for School Leaders, Entrepreneurship in Education, and In - service Teacher Training Department, Cyprus Pedagogical Institute

Milena Stoycheva, CEO, Junior Achievement Bulgaria    

Kristi Ploom, Programme Manager, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research 


What will this webinar teach you?

  • What the EE-HUB initiative is
  • The aim of entrepreneurship education policies 
  • What countries implemented a policy for entrepreneurship education
  • Good practices of National strategies for entrepreneurship education 



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