Official Opening

JA Europe Company of the Year Competition &

European Entrepreneurship Education Summit


Visit of mini-companies stands exhibition

Interactions with students involved in the JA Company Programme




Opening Session:
From policy recommendations to action

According to recent policy recommendations, the key measures that make a difference at national level for growing the quantity, quality and impact of Entrepreneurship Education are increased cooperation amongst all stakeholders, progression in the curriculum and competence-based assessment.

Keynote speech

Dr Andreas Schleicher,

Director for Education and Skills, and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary-General, OECD.


Education Ministers’ panel:

Where do we stand with Entrepreneurship Education as an education policy priority?
Have we succeeded in gathering national momentum to draft and implement strategies to drive growth and impact?

Stakeholder panel:

What can the business sector, NGOs and international organisations such as the EU do to support the development and implementation of national strategies?

Signing off Call to Action for the next five years






Investing in increased impact on youth and the economy

Growing Entrepreneurship Education and achieving the benefits from it requires investment both from public and private entities. Where are the current investment needs and what strategies are needed to overcome bottlenecks?

Panel Discussion

Ministers of Economy, business representatives and other stakeholders assess how to overcome hindrances to further investment in Entrepreneurship Education. What formulas have worked in specific countries, projects? What can other countries learn from the success stories? Confirmed speakers include Martina Dlabajová MEP.

Launch of Entrepreneurship Education Monitor


Business-education cooperation to reduce the skills mismatch

The business sector can provide competences in Entrepreneurship Education that the teachers do not have. How can the involvement of the business sector be optimised from the skills acquisition perspective? Can the cooperation be institutionalized in order to make it more effective?

Session led by the European Commission DG Employment & Alliance4Youth

Keynote speech


Panel discussions: Skills & Future of VET

Strategies to enable Entrepreneurship Education to reduce the skills mismatch and enable young people to acquire the required skills for the future.


Investing in entrepreneurial schools

As research has shown that a high penetration rate in schools is a key success factor for Entrepreneurship Education, how can we ensure that every teacher at a school is involved or informed about it? Offering a “deep dive” experience of more than 100h in upper secondary schools seems to result in the biggest impact both for students’ learning as well as commitment of teachers and school management.

Keynote speech


Panel discussions

What are the bottlenecks to more Entrepreneurship Education in schools (teachers, head teachers, school management and parents’ representatives assess the actions necessary in the coming years.

Teachers as drivers of Entrepreneurship Education – success stories explained.

Institutional Partner


Private Partners

Alliance for Youth

Delta VISA    


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