Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Aim of the group:

Local and regional authorities have an important role in implementing entrepreneurship education at local and regional level. In some countries, they are the school owners in particular segments; in other cases, they are responsible for curriculum and curriculum implementation.

This work can begin with schools developing their own coherent approaches to entrepreneurship education, creating experiential learning environments, and then building wider linkages through clustering and partnerships. Local and regional authorities can support schools and teachers by raising the visibility at the local level, which might be crucial in order to “spread the news” and prepare the base for cooperation with the private sector and to get support from parents.

The group of experts will look into:

  • Examples of plans and strategies on how to boost regional development and local job creation by focusing on entrepreneurship education and promoting opportunities in the local communities
  • Best practise of effective entrepreneurship ecosystems including parents, authorities, private sector and the schools in awareness raising and celebration of performance.


  1. Anthony A. Gribben (chair)
    Efka Heder (rapporteur)
  2. Thomas Cooney
  3. Jared Penner
  4. Julia Prats
  5. Christine Volkmann
  6. Radovan Zivkovic

Secretariat: Diana Draganescu

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