Teacher training

Aim of the group:

This group will look at various understandings of and approaches to entrepreneurship education; effective methods for teacher training (both initial and continuing); tools and good practices; the development of content banks and support networks.

The working groups will look into:

  • Existing research to understand teachers' conceptions of and approaches to entrepreneurship education including need for new knowledge
  • Examples of systematic approach that builds on the base of current practice.
  • Effective teacher training models, both initial and continuing
  • Effective on-going support like tools to exchange good practice,
  • Banks of content, tools and resources,
  • The use of ICT in scaling up entrepreneurship education
  • The establishment of effective support networks
  • Questions regarding the availability of time and resources for teachers
  • Initiate surveys and research among teachers involved


  1. Jane Delfino (chair)
  2. Francesco Rullani
  3. Frank Hennessey
  4. Stefania Eugenia Popp
  5. Mirela Andoni
  6. Anne-Lise Cuypers
  7. Janos Vecsenyi

Secretariat: Veronica Mobilio

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